In the last century most of the Earth’s surface has been explored.

In the modern age technology allows us to discover and see places before we physically reach them, and as a result very little part of the land can be considered completely unknown to mankind.

How is this new spatial awareness affecting our perception of limitations, boundaries and constraints?

My practice revolves around this question, focusing on the main theme of introspection as a personal reaction to the lack of new discoverable opportunities.

The little possibility of an exploratory movement towards the outside leads to an inward movement instead, exploring the depth of involution. Introspection, in its etymological meaning of searching inside, is a way to reconsider the concepts of curiosity and discovery, as well as our relationship and fascination with the unknown.

I take photographs of objects commonly identified with the concepts of movement, exploration, discovery and freedom. They are then digitally manipulated to create abstract compositions depriving them of their daily function and ordinary meaning. 

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